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Magical Water Show

Performance Time
  • 【 16:00-17:00 】 Water Show
  • 【 18:00-18:20 】 Evening Water and Light Show
  • 【 19:20-19:40 】 Evening Water and Light Show
  • 【 20:40-21:00 】 Evening Water and Light Show
Performance Content

Combining the light show, water curtain show, water show, and laser show, the facility encompasses 3 pools, with a length of over 100 meters and 7-color light beams with a range of over 200 meters. The water show features elements of music, water bombs, fire, laser lights, and LEDs. Through computer programming, the water swings and dances, displaying its ever-changing sensational and elegant gestures, with fast and slow, high and low breathtaking dance moves. With the high and bright beam lighting and the projection effects, the portrait of the water performance goes on for hundreds of meters. Thanks to the psychedelic full-color laser technology and the staggering lighting effects coming from the 400-inch LED screen at the back of the stage, images that are tense but at the same time visually stunning can be presented before your eyes.