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Night Stage and Outdoor Celebration

Performance Time
  • 【Monday-Thursday】18:30-19:10 Yilan Performing Arts Group
  • 【Monday-Thursday】19:15-19:45 Outdoor Celebration
  • 【Monday-Thursday】20:00-20:30 Yilan Performing Arts Group
  • 【Friday-Sunday】18:30-19:10 Taiwan’s Professional Groups
  • 【Friday-Sunday】19:15-19:45 Outdoor Celebration
  • 【Friday-Sunday】20:00-20:30 The Waterworld
  • 【Monday to Sunday】16:00-20:30 Street Artist Shows
Night Stage

Facilitated with a stage on the water pool, the “Yilan Performing Arts Group” is scheduled to perform from Mondays to Thursdays. In light of the COVID-19 having a great impact on the arts and cultural events and the industry, the Yilan County government has made a contribution and subsidized local arts and cultural groups to perform at the “Yilan Fun Game Night Park” through the “Relief Programs for Arts and Cultural Groups,” aiming to help with the recovery of Yilan arts and cultural groups. With the promotion of local artists, maintaining their performance energy, arts and culture industry can hopefully bounce back from the crisis. Friday to Sunday will feature Taiwan’s Professional Groups including: “Ten Drum Art Percussion Group,” “The Lan Yang Dancers,” “J. Andes,” “Makapahay,” “Sun Son Theatre,” “Hi Five” and “The Wanted.” These groups have been meticulously selected and are well-known in Taiwan and overseas. Also, the repertory theatre production of “The Waterworld” will be performed by “Fervor Taiwan” which tells the story of ecology and the environment.

Outdoor Celebration

Mascots Rain Little, Honey Bee and Lulu Flower are no strangers to the Yilan International Children's Folklore & Folkgame. Invited by the Fun Game Night Park, these mascots will join the artists in the Outdoor Celebration. The parade filled with song and dance will cast a magic spell of happiness over the Park, allowing adults and children to enter a world of fairy tales. Let your imagination run wild, and feel the full vitality of the carnival party where FUN is guaranteed under the night sky!

Street Artists

The Park has invited Yilan County street artists to perform each day, creating a sense of artistic and joyful atmosphere via “Street Artist Shows.” 2-3 sets of street artists will be performing every day from 4pm to 8:30pm at the Red Brick Square and Waterway. Come and see these performers from all walks of life trying their best to make tourists feel all the edgy street performance energy Yilan can offer, using all types of instruments, yoyos, balloons, and let’s not forget the diabolo!