Pandemic Control Area

I. Park Entrance
1. The activity area is mapped, in and out traffic flows are designated, and the maximum number of visitors the park can accommodate is specified.
2. Visitors will be stopped at the entrance of this park for preliminary disinfection.
3. Visitors must implement self-health monitoring and take their own temperature. Visitors having a fever (i.e., ear temperature ≥38°C or forehead temperature ≥37.5°C) will be denied access.
4. Pandemic prevention posters (stating that people may only enter the park if they wear face masks and encouraging them to download the Taiwan Social Distancing app) and other announcements are posted at the entrance.
5. Hand sanitization equipment or services are provided at the entrance and exit of the festival venue.
II. Park Equipment and Facilities
1. A health monitoring station is set up at the entrance to each water recreation facility for visitors to sanitize their body before they take off their face mask and enter the water.
2. An air spray disinfectant is installed at each exhibition hall and service counter. Public areas are constantly disinfected. In addition, air purifiers are present where gathering is highly likely such as the exhibition halls, for the purpose of air purification.Sufficient hand sanitizer is also provided at the entrance and exit of each exhibition hall.
3. A pandemic control door is set up at the entrance of the parent-child theater for audiences to get sanitization.
4. Alcohol and diluted bleach are applied to the objects and places such as the exhibition hall and service counters periodically every day because they are likely to be in contact with visitors; an exhibition hall-wide disinfection will be carried out after the closing time.
5. The frequency of sanitizing public spaces and restrooms has been increased (at least once every 30 minutes); the sanitization frequency may be further increased depending on the number of visitors.
6. Caterers are required to wear a mask at all times.
III. Performing Teams and Staff
1. Foreign teams will live in dormitories, one room with independent bathroom for two persons, and one common area per team, in order to lower the risk of infection. Traffic flows in the dormitory are divided into two, one for administrative staff, the other for foreign teams, for the purpose of lowering the risk of infection.
2. Each team is offered an oximeter, a thermometer, and COVID-19 rapid test kits just in case.
3. The public space of the dormitory is regularly disinfected every day to lower the infection risks.
4. COVID-19 rapid test kits are made available at both the park and the dormitory. The festival staff and foreign guest teams are regularly monitored for their health; any of them, if feels ill and tests positive, will be suspended from working or performing in the park.
5.Staff who may frequently come into contact with people with respiratory symptoms, or those who have to work in crowded and closed spaces are advised to wear face masks. 
IV. Tourists
Visitors shall wear a face mask at all times, except when playing in the water or dinning.