Parent–child Discovery Theatre

Performance Time
11:00-11:30、13:30-14:00、15:00-15:30(On-site and online reservation required)

The “Artistic Guard – Dinosaurs Reborn” is a parent–child drama that introduces the original realistic technological dinosaurs from overseas and brings a new sensory feast to the audience with the plot and colorful stage effects.Link

Multinational folk music and dance troupe performances

Performance Time
16:40-17:20(Outdoor Theater)

The event invites folklore performing groups from different countries to Taiwan, allowing people to enjoy exotic folk music, dance, and song performances without leaving the country, and to experience the history, culture, customs, and life of other countries.

International professional eye-catching groups

Performance Time
19:00-20:00 (Outdoor Theater)

Groups of eye-catching professionals from home and abroad will perform at night as a bonus. One group per week and one performance per week.

Domestic and international groups with special features

Performance Time
16:00-16:40 (野外劇場)

The performances will be presented by a selection of local (from Yilan County), domestic, and foreign famous art groups. From Monday to Thursday, Yilan’s outstanding performing arts groups and local groups with special features will be invited to showcase Yilan’s arts and culture to people from all over the world. From Friday to Sunday, a select group of well-known professional performers from home and abroad will give one performance per day. Each week features one group.

Paradeonthestreets happily and artistically

Performance Time

The dinosaurs and actors of “Artistic Guard – Dinosaurs Reborn,” a parent–child drama, parade through the park, interacting with visitors at close range.

Radiant Sky Tower (Sky Tower)

Performance Time
18:00 、19:00、20:00 3 minutes of dazzling light show

Sky Tower, the high point of the park, features 360-degree surround imaging on all four screens. Dazzling light shows are performed every night, with shaking head beam lights and gorgeous LED point light source imaging. It is lustrous and brilliant.

Stereoscopic light and water dance show

Performance Time

The first high-altitude elevation light and water dance show in Taiwan is created. The O-shaped water show brings new light and visual experience. The water dance undulates and jumps to the rhythm of music, and with the colorful lights, it presents a beautiful and fantastical stunning effect, making a perfect artistic combination of lights and water to shock the night sky of Yilan!

Street Artist Interactive Show

Performance Time

Street performers in Yilan county are invited to show off their stunts. These include diverse and interesting performances such as modeling balloons, diabolo, flair bartending, and yo-yo shows. Magic, juggling, cube juggling, human pyramids, and spinning carpets, can be seen at close range. There will be an unplugged band singing pop music. Friends, children, and adults alike are welcome to enjoy their summers in this Park.

The light environment in the whole area at night

Performance Time

Technological lighting creates a colorful light environment throughout the district at night. The public is invited to walk through the vast sea of lights as a time walker. With the different star-themed light fixtures and light corridors in the park, you can take a journey of “light” across space and time.